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LSU-Bama 1-2 In BCS; CBS & ESPN Cut Deal For Game To Air In Primetime

Let the hype begin for the Bruiser in Tuscaloosa(r).  The Tigers shook off yet another major distraction and shellacked Auburn 45-10 on Saturday afternoon.  Saturday night, Alabama woke up in the middle of their trap game and dismantled Tennessee 37-6.

The wins secured the schools’ spots at the top of the BCS ranking heading into their must-see matchup at Bryant-Denny Stadium in 12 days.  Both squads have open dates this week.  Sorta like the Super Bowl.

In the rankings, this marks the 26th week out of the last 27 that an SEC team has been one or two in the BCS formula.  In other words, the projected national championship games from December 2nd, 2007 to now have included at least one SEC team for all but one week.  Dominant.

Six SEC teams are listed in the BCS standings overall:

1.  LSU (same)
2.  Alabama (same)
10.  Arkansas (down from 9)
13.  South Carolina (up from 14)
22.  Georgia (not rated last week)
23.  Auburn (down from 20)

With Oklahoma (tip o’ the cap to Tommy Tuberville) and Wisconsin falling from the ranks of the unbeaten this past weekend, Oklahoma State, Boise State, Clemson, Stanford, Oregon, and Kansas State follow LSU and Bama in the top eight.

CBS has announced that the November 5th clash between the Tigers and Tide will air in primetime at 8:00pm ET.  As you probably know, CBS is only allowed to air one primetime game per year so as not to compete with the SEC’s other main television partner, ESPN.  The two networks actually cut a special deal to move this particular game’s start time.

Neither CBS or ESPN would give many details regarding their trade, with ESPN spokesman saying only: “What we got in return was future scheduling considerations for next season.”

Finally — for the sake of comparison — both LSU and Alabama hammered Tennessee in consecutive weeks.  Comparing scores and stats can be a dangerous game.  We’ve all seen those daffy breakdowns that lead to this type of conclusion: “Wisconsin lost to Michigan State which lost to Notre Dame which lost to South Florida which lost to UConn which lost to Western Michigan… so Western Michigan is better than Wisconsin.”  That said, just for kicks, here’s a comparison of how LSU and Alabama thrashed a common opponent just one week apart:

LSU-Bama Results vs UT
LSU (Oct. 15)
Alabama (Oct. 22)
Final Score
Margin of Victory
Rush Yds Gained
Rush Yds Allowed
Pass Yds Gained
Pass Yds Allowed
Total Yds Gained
Total Yds Allowed
Time of Possession



Let's hope your camera men stay away from the cheerleader with the megaphone during the AL/Lsu game!! That about was enough to drive us all crazy. Random drunks in the background is one thing, but a guy with a megaphone chanting the same cheer, over and over, is SO annoying when trying to enjoy a good football game!! I understand he was trying to pump up the crowd, that's awesome; what's not awesome is listening to it in surround sound the entire game!!! Please be mindful of the thousands watching on television. Thank you!!


This game is going to be insane.

I'll be pulling for The Hat in this one.


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