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A&M Prez Gives Details On His School’s Move To The SEC

Texas A&M president R. Bowen Loftin has opened up about his school’s move from the Big 12 to the SEC in a brief Q&A with “12th Man Magazine,” an Aggie-centric magazine.

From the then-Pac-10′s pursuit of six Big 12 schools last May, to his initial talks with Mike Slive, to follow-ups this year, Loftin gives a glimpse behind closed doors.  A sampling:

“In June of 2010 after we made the decision to say in the Big 12, the first conversation I had was with Mike Slive.  We were talking about maybe going to the SEC at that point, so I owed that to Mike and said, ‘Mike, this is the direction we ar going right now, and I want you to know that I really appreciate the interaction we have had over the last several months.’  We talked a couple times in the fall of 2010, then I ran into him physically at the Cotton Bowl and we just had a social conversation.  I always had a sense that the doorway there was not closed to us and we could certainly come back and talk about this in the future.”

For the Baylor folks out there who occasionally dropped by to rip us for suggesting — “without any proof!” — that Baylor and Kenneth Starr were the ones making legal threats to A&M and the SEC, Loftin explains that he likened Starr’s actions to the building of the Berlin Wall.  “You want to build a wall around people that want to get out, and that didn’t work out too well.” 

Loftin also reveals that Slive “put together a nice presentation on A&M in comparison to the SEC” that he showed the league’s presidents:

“He showed in snap shots how Texas A&M looked in comparison to the SEC, such as our enrollment, budget for athletics, academic standards, and other things.”

Hmmm.  Sounds like a certain website was spot-on in terms of the types of things that presidents consider when looking at potential expansion partners.




As a Fight'n Texas Aggie, I really appreciate the warm welcome we are receiving from the SEC, its schools and their fans. Many have posted their personal words of welcome on our various message boards and comment sections. I'm thrilled that we are joining the SEC, and you have made me more glad.

Thanks for linking to the 12th Man article and for the in depth analysis of potential expansion candidates. This site will be a regular read for me.



Hey, if you don't want to wear a tie, bravo, leave the collar unbuttoned and be a regular guy. But the bowtie enhances an unfortunate Howdie Doodie quality you might want to avoid, seein' as how you're about to join the SEC.


Perhaps we can negotiate the bowtie, in exchange for Derek Dooley's orange pants; those things could blind a small child


Bro, you are jealous of the bow tie. That bow tie makes Loftin the most fashionable president PERIOD in the nation.


At little Mizzou perspective on this article:
A&M's pres just totally validated everything Gary Pinkel has said & MU fans have long felt. This completely blows the doors off the "this is all MO Gov Nixon's fault for saying what he said" argued by Chip Brown last week. It was Texas that acted first, months before Gov Nixon's words. It was Texas that conjured up the mass migration of B12 South schools to the Pac10. It was Texas that did so b/c they wanted to create the leverage necessary to start up a LHN. They manipulated the league's University administrators all the way to the point that Nebraska bolted. A&M bolted. OU tried to bolt. And now hopefully MU will bolt.


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