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UT Chancellor Talks Expansion

Tennessee chancellor Jimmy Cheek opened up about a number of expansion topics with The Knoxville News Sentinel today.  Among them:

* Why Texas A&M as a 13th member?

“First of all they’re a great academic and athletic institution.  They’re somebody we believe that has the same core values we have.  All of us are large, public universities.  Certainly Texas A&M is like that.  It would be a positive addition to the SEC.”

(Cheek — an A&M grad, by the way, should try telling Vandy that it’s a “large, public university.”)

* And what about the fact that A&M is farther away than other SEC schools?

“It’s a little further west than Arkansas, but, you know, if you look at the history of the Volunteers, they travel wherever we play.  It really doesn’t make a difference.”

(A note to those of you who still think proximity plays a big role in conference makeup.)

*  And have there been any discussions about possible fits for School #14?

“We have not had any discussions about any other schools.”

(That would seem to put the kibosh on rumors that Mike Slive was given some form of permission yesterday to pursue Missouri and West Virginia.)



Actually A&M is almost due south of the University of Arkansas. A&M is closer to LSU and Arkansas than it is Texas Tech. Texas Tech would be the one that is out there in the middle of no where.

Alan Miller
Alan Miller

The original Tennessee Volunteer (Davey Crockett) went to Texas.


LOL @ "a little" west of Arkansas... techinacally, so is California!

this guy has to be an A&M grad the way he's running spin control

Maybe he should have been focusing on Dave Hart a little more, and the fact he was the AD at FSU when they got slammed by the NCAA for a massive athletic department wide academic cheating scandal

Not exactly who I would have gone with to replace an AD who oversaw 2 programs get NCAA sanctions... Did he not even reach out to the AD at DA U? but I guess he cant be any worse than Mike Hamilton


loved the comment about Vandy- you know he threw out that comment just for spite

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