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Tyler’s Take: Week 4 Six-Pack Of Knowledge

1- It was comical listening to all the “experts” this past weekend stumble time and time again when it came to doomsday talk about conference expansion. When is everyone going to realize they need to have the Captain of Expansion, Mr. John Pennington, on speed dial to get his opinion? (If John called Mike Slive on the phone chances are good the incoming call would show up as Nostradamus.)

Everyone says the current system is just fine and a move to four or five super conferences would be an irreversible decision that destroys college football forever. REALLY? Look at this backwards. Let’s say in 2011 we’ve got four super conferences and a NCAA tournament to crown a champion.

Then all the sudden everyone starts suggesting the NCAA blows up the super conference/tournament system to make way for 10+ conferences with a bunch of meaningless bowl games at the end of the season. And from these newly created 10+ conferences only a handful of conferences could actually produce a team that can play in the title game. The NCAA, and those fighting to keep the current state of college football intact, should be 100% embarrassed.

2- Bama’s defense has a chance to be considered the greatest in college football history if they keep pace. Settling down after a quick start from Tyler Wilson, what they did to Petrino’s offense was other-worldly. They have the best back seven I’ve ever seen, and on offense Trent Richardson might actually run over a defensive back this year and kill him. If McCarron plays error-free football – completing the four or five difficult passes required from him each game – it’s going to be hard to keep the Tide from winning it all. The collapse of 2010 is all the motivation Saban needs and Cam Newton’s no longer around.

3- What about LSU? At this point there’s no question they deserve to be the #1 ranked team in the country.Oregon, MSU and WVU – all on the road – turned into a breathtaking three-game sweep. Anyone ready for the LSU-Bama game on the fifth of November? For the Tigers maybe it’s a good thing the game is in T-Town.

4- Could we be looking at a rematch in the BCS title game, pitting two teams in the same division of the same conference? You better damn believe it. You don’t think an 11-1 Bama or LSU team will have a high enough BCS ranking to be the #2 team? Either team would win in Norman. They would win in Palo Alto. They would win on Pluto.

5- Not breaking news to anyone, the spread offense doesn’t work against an elite defense in the SEC (OK, maybe for you,Cam). Dana Holgerson was a wide receiver for Hal Mumme, and eventually coached under him, so the results of the LSU-WVU game came as no surprise toUK fans. WVU put up record-breaking passing numbers against LSU, but the Mounties had to scratch and settle for 21 points. Three reasons why the WVU spread wouldn’t work in the SEC:

-          A “dink and dunk” offense rings up huge numbers, however, take notice where the yards are picked up. It’s in between the 20s and the stats come in a meaningless 60-yard window.

-          Inside the 20 the field is shortened and bullying SEC defensive line play takes over, especially without a running game. An offensive playbook consisting of 10 plays just won’t work.

-          A head coach can’t win in the SEC when he could double as a washed-up tennis pro teaching seniors how to play doubles tennis in Naplesat The Villages. How awesome was the atmosphere in Morgantown? SEC-worthy for sure. 

6- I’m the dork who still follows his old high school football team – I have no problem admitting this – which leads me to Russell Wilson. I first read about him when he torched my old high school when he was a QB at Collegiate in Richmond, Va. I followed him at N.C. State when he broke just about every ACC passing record. Was he the best QB ever to play in the ACC? (Quick… in the next 60 seconds name 10 ACC QBs who could claim this title? Time is up so who’s on your list? That’s what I thought.) Wilson spurning Auburn for Wisconsin was the most underreported story of the off-season. I believed Wilson had a shot to win the Heisman before the season started and expect the Wilson hype to swell if the Badgers topple Nebraska this weekend.

If Wilson makes a serious run at the Heisman this means the Badgers go undefeated. Can they find themselves in the BCS title game? Can the Badgers jump a one-loss team from the State of Oklahoma or an undefeated Stanford team that only has to play  Oregon? 1,927 things had to happen for the ’07 LSU Tigers to reach the BCS title game so it is possible for the Badgers.

Tyler Beam works as a communications specialist for a Louisville, Kentucky company.  A lifetime SEC fan – long before it became “acceptable” to cheer for every team in the conference – he plans on writing several books about college football that have a fantastic chance of never being written. 

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