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Trouble For The Sugar Bowl? Looks Like It

As news stories began to pile up regarding improprieties at the Fiesta Bowl earlier this year, we at wondered how long it would take for other bowls to find themselves entangled in similar controversies.

Not long, it turns out.

Below is a tease of tonight’s episode HBO’s “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.”  The subject of this month’s Bernie Goldberg investigation is the college bowl system.

In the tease, you’ll hear accusations that the Sugar Bowl — a longtime SEC partner — has made several campaign contributions to Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal:

So the Sugar Bowl is up next for a trip under the microscope… but if two of these bowls have figured out how to get political favors, you can bet they all have.  In other words, more scandals will follow.

Oh, boy.

UPDATE — Sugar Bowl officials have admitted to making campaign contributions but they say there was “no intent to conceal” and that there actions aren’t even comparable to what was going on with the Fiesta Bowl.




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