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Spurrier, Carolina React To NCAA Allegations

A little more than a year ago, Steve Spurrier practically dared the NCAA to “poke around” his program (as he said at the time).  Now — after receiving a letter of allegations from college sports’ governing body — the Ol’ Ball Coach’s tune has changed a bit:

“I hope we are not in serious trouble.  I don’t think we are going to be, but you work these things out. … I don’t think it’s embarrassing to get a letter.  I think some stuff can happen. … I follow the rules as closely as I possibly can.  If I do break one, I turn myself in.” 

Spurrier declined to say whether or not he knew the two South Carolina boosters were were named by the NCAA and disassociated by the university.  He also refused to say whether quarterbacks coach GA Mangus — who was named in the NCAA’s letter — had a relationship with those boosters.

Meanwhile, school president Harris Pastides said USC takes the allegations “very seriously.”  The school should.  Thanks to violations committed under previous coach Lou Holtz, Carolina could be viewed as a repeat violator and could — theoretically — be dealt much stronger punishments as a result.

As for Spurrier, we suggested last August that the coach was wading into dangerous waters by inviting anyone who wanted could dig into his program.  While a head coach may be clean as can be, he has no way of knowing what his assistants and boosters might be doing when they’re outside his gaze.  For that reason, every NCAA investigation should be taken stone-cold seriously.  And talking big about one’s cleanliness is only asking for trouble.


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