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SEC Headlines 9/4/2011 Part Four

1. Jon Solomon:”The SEC is moving closer toward the $100 face-value ticket.”

2. Despite the loss to Boise State, Atlanta is good for Georgia and the state of Georgia is good for the SEC.

3. Lessons learned from the first Saturday of football.

4. Mark Story: “If the Southeastern Conference is going to expand, Texas A&M is — choose your sports metaphor — a slam dunk, a grand slam, a Hail Mary touchdown pass.”

5. Pac-16? Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State look west.

6. Pac-12 commissioner says “schools have reached out to us.”

7. Chris Dufresne of the LA Times: “It was written here Thursday that only Oklahoma and Texas bonded together could save the Big 12, but the crazy glue apparently didn’t hold for even 72 hours.”

8. Pac-12 Oklahoma’s “sole focus”?

9. Kansas City Star: The Big 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6…

10. John Clay: “By my crack research, Thursday marked the fewest people to watch a Kentucky football game since 1995.”

11. Kentucky’s greatest moments at Commonwealth Stadium. Fans can expect some changes at the stadium when Kentucky makes it home debut on Saturday.

12.  Auburn and LSU are up next for Mississippi State – two games that will set the tone for the season.

13. Expect it to be a few days before Ole Miss commits to a starting quarterback against Southern Illinois.


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