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Saban Talks Muschamp; Muschamp Talks “Star Wars,” All Laugh

The story of the week — Will Muschamp versus Nick Saban — is up and running following both coaches’ press gatherings today.  First, here’s a sampling of what was said by Saban:

* Asked if he were once fiery like Muschamp, Saban said, “I was volatile once, too.”

* Asked if took anything away from his time with Muschamp, he said, “Every coach you have an association you take good things… I take good things from all coaches.”

* Asked if he was an influence on Muschamp, Saban said, “You’ll have to ask him.

And then there’s the Muschamp side:

* Asked about his relationship with Saban, Florida’s coach said, “I probably wouldn’t be here today had Nick not given me a chance to coach with him at LSU.”

* Asked about the head-to-head coaching matchup, Muschamp said, “He and I will not take a snap on Saturday night.

But the best quote might have come when Muschamp was asked a question — in “Star Wars” lingo — about his master-padawan relationship with Saban.

“What’s a padawan,” Muschamp responded to laughs in the press room.  “I watched “Star Wars I” and after that I watched “Empire Strikes Back,” and I ain’t seen nuttin’ after that.  I don’t know what a padawan is.  You didn’t call me a bad name, did ya?  I don’t speak French, either.”

Good stuff.  Click here to watch the full clip.



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