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Reports: UT offers Bama’s Hart AD Job

Reports out of Tennessee and Alabama are claiming that Tennessee has offered Alabama executive director of athletics Dave Hart the AD position in Knoxville.  No word on whether Hart has accepted the offer or not.

Hart served as the athletic director at East Carolina and Florida State before becoming Mal Moore’s heir apparent in Tuscaloosa in July of 2008.  Hart played basketball for the Tide under CM Newton in the late-60s, early-70s.  In 2009, he was given the title of “chief operating officer” for the entire Alabama athletics department.  At that point, Hart was to handle the day-to-day operations while Moore focused on fundraising and “facility enhancements.”

To leave, Hart would have to walk away from his alma mater, which could be tough.  Especially knowing that Moore is 71-years-old.  Hart could leave for Knoxville today only to see Moore retire in six months or a year.

From a Tennessee perspective, Hart would seem to be a very solid hire.  His 12 years at FSU coupled with his most recent stint at Bama certainly give him big-time BCS experience at a pair of major programs.

But if Hart says no and is convince to stay on in Tuscaloosa, then UT will have been turned down by two in-conference candidates in the past month.  LSU’s Joe Alleva flirted with the Vols before deciding to stay in Baton Rouge for a pay raise.



The new AD should have UT ties. Call me old fashioned, out of touch, whatever. The last outsider bean counter we had just set the department back 10 years. Did Hamilton move the money meter? Yes. Sadly, his deficiencies in compliance and other duties as AD will end up costing the department more than he ever gained. Yet we're willing to hire another one with questionable ties to scandal at FSU?

Come on home, Heavy.


This seems to be a reach of a candidate to me. Not about his qualifications, which appear rock solid, but the second in command at Alabama and the AD in waiting for a 71 one year old AD leaving for the 2nd biggest rival in conference. There is something that is not being said. If he is willing to leave, could it be a sign that there are bigger issues coming down the pike at Alabama (T-town Men's wear) and he wants to jump ship before the poop hits the fan. Think about it. If you were about to take over one of the top companies with in a year or two, and basically everything is running smoothly, why would you jump ship to one of your biggest rivals that is at the beginning of a rebuilding project in all four major sports and would have to possibly have to replace one of the greatest coaches in history (Summit). Something does not appear right about the picture. Either there is something simmering at Alabama and he is getting while the getting is good, or he is forcing Bama's hand for an early promotion.


I doubt Hart is looking to jump ship in anticipation of things going down at Bama. At this point there isn't even indication that Hart is willing to jump ship period. All it seems is that UT offered him the job, it doesn't say that Hart has accepted the job. Hart is a very qualified individual and I'm sure if Hart wanted to get out of town that he could have gone somewhere else by now.

Also, Moore may be 71 years old,but as far as I can tell he is not ready to retire anytime soon. 71 is not that old if you are in good health and working in a position that is not that taxing. I'm sure also that this is a labor of love for Moore so if Hart is looking for an AD job anytime soon then he may want to consider another school. There are also other individuals that would be interested in Bama's AD position such as Ozzie Newsome so there is no guarantee that Hart is in line for the job if and when Moore retires.

Truth Serum
Truth Serum

John, you must have been turned down by a lot of girls when you requested dates over the years. Tennessee is not the greatest school in the world. It is understandable that they might get turned down by a few individuals before they find someone that wants the job. I'm not a Tennessee guy, but to me Tennessee is still a top 20 AD position in the country. I don't necessarily assign negative stigma to the university if some folks turn them down. I would bet that even the great John Pennington has turned down a few good jobs over the years before starting your current gig.


Truth Serum...

I think you're shining the light on yourself there, mister. Where's the negative stigma you suggest we attach to UT? Where's the attack on Tennessee?

We stated facts:

1. Reports say UT has offered Hart
2. Hart is Moore's heir apparent
3. Moore is 71, so he might retire soon
4. If Hart goes to UT he would be a good hire
5. If he doesn't, UT would have been turned down by 2 in-conference candidates.

Fact, fact, fact, fact, fact.

There's what we write... and there's what you read. And you read everything through "the world's out to get my beloved Vols" lenses.


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