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Report: NFL Teams Hot For Miles; But We Don’t See Him Leaving LSU

Les Miles to the NFL?

Mike Freeman of reports today that “it has become clear Miles has vaulted near the top of some lists as the next hottest NFL coaching candidate.”

This isn’t the first time such talk has bubbled up.  Jerry Jones has been rumored to have an interest in Miles — which would get him out of Arkansas’ division in the SEC, by the way.  And Miles does have some NFL experience serving as a Cowboys assistant for two seasons.

“He’s the most intriguing coaching prospect I’ve seen in a long time,” one exec told Freeman.  “I think he has a great deal of talent and can deal with the modern athlete.”

Perhaps.  But it’s probably safer to say that Miles “has a great deal of talent” to work with in the state of Louisiana and that he “can deal with the modern athlete” at the collegiate level. 

Why NFL teams continue to rush after college coaches remains a mystery.  For every Jimmy Johnson, there are a dozen Dennis Ericksons, Steve Spurriers, Nick Sabans and Pete Carrolls… guys who can’t match their college successes in the pro game.

At LSU, Miles’ team rallies around their coach.  The Mad Hatter?  Eating grass?  Occasionally speaking in gibberish?  The Tigers have got his back.

You think that would be the case with multi-millionaire adults?

Freeman: “I think it’s only a matter of time before Miles is gone to the pros.”  We think Miles is perfectly suited for the college game, has one of the nation’s true plum jobs where recruits can be harvested by the bushel, and he enjoys the rah-rah camaraderie of college kids.

If Miles exits for the NFL while still on top of the college game, we’ll eat his hat.


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