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Report: Ex-Dawg Houston Says It’s Time For Change In Athens

Is it technically a “report” if someone just posts a blurb on Twitter? 

To paraphrase George C. Scott in “Patton” — “God, how I hate the 21st century.”

At any rate, Kansas City Star sportswriter Kent Babb posted the following nuggets on his Twitter account this morning:

“Spoke with #Chiefs LB Justin Houston the other day about U of Georgia.  Asked him about Richt.  He said it’s time for a change.”

“Houston said Richt is a good coach but that the Bulldogs haven’t won big under Richt.  Said he’d like to see someone new in there next year.”

Whether you like Richt or don’t like Richt, that’s a rather weaselly thing for Houston to say about his ex-coach.  Especially after he said this about Richt back in January when declaring early for the NFL draft:

“I want to thank the University of Georgia and the coaches for giving me the chance to come to UGA.  Without Coach Mark Richt, I would not be where I am today.  He has helped me grow from a boy to a grown man during my four years.”

Very weak indeed.  If true.  Now let’s wait to see if Houston denies ever making such statements to Babb.  If he did say these things, it’d be best not to backpedal now.  The damage is already done.




Thomas Brown
Thomas Brown

Wait and see, just what exactly ?

It's just 1 game vs South Carolina who isn't all that great, that we lost to.

It's just the 2 last games vs Boise State and South Carolina, that we lost to.

It's just the last 3 games vs Central Florida Boise State and South Carolina, that we lost to.

It's just 13 of the last 26 SEC East games, that we've lost to.

It's just 14 of the last 28 games overall that we've lost to.

It's just 11 consecutive seasons of losing to the teams who finished in the AP Poll Top 10.

It's just 11 consecutive seasons of losing to teams who did not even finish in the AP Poll Top 25, even with their win over Mark Richt.

Let's just wait and see.

Maybe Mark Richt, now, can beat Coastal Carolina. Then, we can keep him.


LOL at the idiots in the comment section still on the Richt wagon. Here are the facts.

14-14 in our last 28 games (11th in the SEC)

7-10 in our last 17 SEC games

2-8 vs Florida overall

What Richt did in the early part of the century is irrelevant. The man is a complete burnout of a coach and needs to be canned.


UGA has one thing going for it that UT does not and that is recruiting. It's much easier to recruit at UGA these days than at UT. There isn't a lot of in-state talent in Tennessee anymore whereas Georgia has a ton of them on a yearly basis. So much so that other programs are now coming into Georgia and taking quality players every year. If UGA has the money and the timing is right for a quality coach to leave then they can get someone better than Richt.


The "don't fire Richt!" people ignore that the fellow Richt replaced, Jim Donnan, had a 40-19 record at UGA, and that includes going 5-6 his first year with the team that Donnan inherited from Ray Goff. Donnan also went 8-4 his last 2 years largely because of injuries to Quincy Carter. Plus Richt's best years at UGA was when he was mostly relying on Donnan's recruits. Also, when you look at UGA's biggest rivals: Florida, Auburn, Tennessee and Georgia Tech, they were as a group better during the Donnan era than they were during the Richt era. When you consider that Donnan had to go up against Fulmer in his prime at Tennessee and Spurrier when he was still winning SEC titles at Florida, it really is curious that Richt has only made the SEC title game 3 times, and none since 2005.

I am not buying these people who claim that Boise and South Carolina constituted UGA's toughest games of the season - the "Boise would win the SEC East crowd" - and UGA is set up to make a run the rest of the way. Mississippi State, Tennessee, Florida and Auburn are talented football teams with good coaches (Muschamp and Weis at Florida being more distinguished as assistants than head coaches notwithstanding ... still I'd rather have Weis running my offense than Bobo and Muschamp running my defense than Grantham) and they are more likely to go .500 against that slate than sweep it. If that happens, Richt should go just like Donnan did.


Now see what an IDIOT you really are, albeit a well spoken IDIOT.

Ben Dukes
Ben Dukes

Yeah, it's a great post....How's the hindsight working?

Thomas Brown
Thomas Brown

That is a really good post tradeassociation, sir.


For every Uga fan that is fast to throw Richt under the bus and fire him, please take a look at where UT is right now. That could be you in 3-4 years. Or you could be Auburn. You have to be willing to accept both options if you fire him.


I would say UGA is more likely to follow Auburn's path only because the rest of the East is week and the current freshman class is very strong. There would be a strong core for the next coach to build around. Plus, the 2013 class in Georgia will be very strong, so there will pe ample opportunity for the coach to have a good class his first full year.


Exactly. And I think they're much more like to go down UT's road than Auburn's.


Who could GA hired that they know is better than Richt? Firing Richt is rolling the dice on the next 3 to 4 years. I hear Fulmer is still looking for a job.

Thomas Brown
Thomas Brown

I-A Wins 2006-2011 ( 6 Seasons )

1. Boise State 63 wins

2. Florida 58 wins

3. Texas Christian 56 wins

4. Oklahoma 56 wins

5. Virginia Tech 54 wins

6. LSU 53 wins

7. Southern California 53 wins

8. BYU 52 wins

9. Texas 52 wins

10. Utah 52 wins

11. West Virginia 51 wins

12. Wisconsin 51 wins

13. Missouri 50 wins

14. Oregon 49 wins

15. Auburn 49 wins

16. Alabama 49 wins on the field Ben Dukes (vacated 11 wins 2006 2007)

17. Penn State 48 wins

18. Hawaii 48 wins

19. Boston College 47 wins

20. Cincinnati 47 wins

21. Texas Tech 47 wins

22. Navy 46 wins

23. Ohio State 46 wins I thought they are supposed to be great ?

24. Tulsa 45 wins

25. Oklahoma State 45 wins

26. Nebraska 45 wins

27. South Florida 44 wins

28. Nevada-Reno 44 wins

29. Georgia tek 44 wins – outside Top 25 over these last 6 seasons now

30. Georgia Bulldogs 44 wins 2006-2011 – six (6) seasons

I-A Wins 2006-2011 ( 6 Seasons ) (on the field)

Who couldn't we hire ?


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