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League Football Coaches Talk SEC Expansion

The SEC held its weekly coaches’ teleconference today and naturally the topics of expansion and Texas A&M came up.  Here’s a sampling of the responses:

Nick Saban:  “I think we have lots of good presidents, lots of great administrators that know what’s best for the league. … If that does occur, I feel that the landscape of college football will lend itself to four or five bigger conferences.  As coaches, we’d better get used to it.”

Les Miles:  “I think it would make great sense, great rationale if the SEC, the view A&M would give it, and the view of those schools in close proximity, obviously they would come back to Texas to play.  It’s obvious the view of the (Texas) newspaper(s) will now be SEC.  You would think the conference — I know we would — enjoy greater coverage and greater view and it becomes SEC country.”

Will Muschamp:  “Texas A&M has a great tradition and is an outstanding program.  I really think where we’re headed is to a 16-team league eventually.  I think there will be four of them (around the country) at some point.  Whatever our conference decides, I’m fine. … It all comes down to money.  The more teams you have, the more exposure you have, the more television audience you have.  The more television obviously brings more money to your conference and your schools.”

Derek Dooley:  “I’m not a decision-maker, and I’m a traditionalist.  I think we had a real good thing, and I hope we don’t disrupt it too much and we preserve that this is a special league.  One of the reasons it’s so special is we don’t day-trade our teams.  We’ll see, but the landscape is changing.  It’s that old saying — it’s not about the money, it’s about the amount.”

Steve Spurrier:  “It may open up the door for LSU, Arkansas, the Mississippi schools and so forth (to recruit in Texas).  I don’t think it will have any impact with us.  We’re trying to recruit our state and the border states.  That’s about where we are.  Every now and then we’ll go up into New Jersey and the Philadelphia area.  But the TV markets and all that if A&M comes in, which looks like is going to happen, that’s fine with all of us.  We don’t make those decisions.  That just adds a big-time college program, Texas A&M, to the SEC.  And I think that’s fine with all of us coaches.”


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