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Jordan Watkins Chooses Stanford

Defensive tackle Jordan Watkins from Woodward Academy in College Park, Ga., committed to Stanford over Georgia on Tuesday.

There have been questions about Georgia and how its recruiting would be affected by the Bulldogs’ 0-2 record to start the season. Watkins expressed concerns about Georgia and the future of head coach Mark Richt and defensive line coach Rodney Garner.

“In my mind, Coach Richt deserves to stay, but the fact that everyone is talking about him leaving made me think of what will happen with (Garner) if Coach Richt leaves,” Watkins told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “I’ve developed such a good relationship with them that it’d be tough to go to Georgia if they weren’t there.”

It’s been tough for Georgia to land the top in-state prospects for 2012. Fourteen of Rivals’ top 20 prospects in Georgia have already committed to schools. Only two of them have chosen Georgia.

By comparison, the Bulldogs signed 10 of the top 20 prospects in Georgia last year.




  1. [...] has 14 commitments for the class of 2012 but lost another in-state prospect this week when College Park defensive tackle Jordan Watkins committed to [...]

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