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DNA Inconclusive In LSU Bar Fight Case; If Jefferson Returns, Miles Will Have A Big Decision To Make

There’s some good news for LSU football players Jordan Jefferson and Josh Johns today — tests for DNA evidence in their bar fight case have been deemed inconclusive.  A grand jury is scheduled to begin hearing evidence in the case tomorrow.

Jefferson and Johns were arrested last month on charges of second-degree battery following a bar fight in Baton Rouge that left four people hospitalized.  The pair’s shoes were DNA tested to determine whether or not Jefferson or Johns kicked one of the victims while he was on the ground.

“This case will not be determined by DNA alone,” Hiller Moore, the DA for East Baton Rouge Parish, said.  “It will depend, like most other cases, on witness testimony and their credibility.”

No doubt.  But the state tested those shoes in the hopes of proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that one of the two players was the kicker/stomper in the brawl.  And they could not do it.

“The absence of (Andrew) Lowery’s DNA on Jordan’s show supports our postition that Jordan will be cleared,” said attorney Lance Unglesby.  “He should not have been arrested.”

Both players were suspended indefinitely by LSU coach Les Miles after their arrests.  The Tigers have raced out to a 3-0 start with Jarrett Lee filling in as the team’s starting quarterback.

If/when Jefferson is released, Miles will have a big decision to make.  Will Jefferson come back and get a shot at his old job?  Or has Lee earned the starter’s gig permanently?

If he’s released, it certainly seems that Jefferson should step right back in as LSU’s quarterback.  Just as some believe a player shouldn’t lose his job due to injury, one probably shouldn’t lose his job due to a wrongful arrest, either.

But there’s also the “right and wrong” of a football team.  In a world of Wally Pipp’s and Tom Brady’s, it might be right for Jefferson to get a piece of his job back, but it seems more right for the team that Miles not upset the apple cart.

LSU is rolling along quite smoothly at the moment.  Fair or not, Miles should stick with Lee until he gives him a reason or two to call Jefferson in from the bench.  If charges against Jefferson are indeed dropped.

Of course, just having Jefferson on the bench looking over Lee’s shoulder might be enough to negatively impact how the Tiger starter plays.



I say keep Lee as the starter until proven other wise....yes maybe Jefferson was inocent but he still should not have been in that position in the first place. The only thing I am worried about is Jefferson being eligeble to play one more year which is next year, I am ready to move on with him and watch these other guys play.


I support Lee as the starting QB. Then again, I have always supported Lee over Jefferson, so maybe my opinion isn't the most reliable in this situation.


If JJ does get a redshirt which is likely if found innocent, I cannot see him beating Mettenberger out. When he got into the game against Northwestern, he may have been the most prepared LSU QB I have seen since Flynn. JJ to scout team.

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