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Beebe “Violates Trust” With Last-Second Email To SEC

The Associate Press has obtained an email sent by Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe to Mike Slive late last night.  In it, Beebe tells the SEC that it will have to ask each Big 12 school to waive heir rights to sue Texas A&M and the SEC.

Beebe wrote, “I recognize that this issue has been raise due to Baylor University’s indication that its governing board has not waived the university’s rights” to take legal action.

Since Beebe had already provided the SEC and A&M with assurances that his league would not sue, he also wrote the following in yesterday’s email: “I regret any confusion on this issue.”

Texas A&M president R. Bowen Loftin told the AP today that the email was “really a violation of trust” on the part of the Big 12 commissioner.


Ira McGee
Ira McGee

The "violation of trust" issue is total BS. The commish Beebe does not speak for each University individually; he speaks for the Big 12 league. If he says the Big 12 would not sue, it doesn't mean EACH INDIVIDUAL SCHOOL would not sue.

Baylor is perfectly within its rights to sue. John, would you take away their day in count just? They have that RIGHT!

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