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Bama’s Pannunzio Further Implicated In Miami Case

Alabama’s first-year director of football operations, Joe Pannunzio, has been further implicated in the University of Miami scandal that grabbed headlines last month.  As the NCAA digs into everything that happened at The U, they’re finding that “a few former players” are rolling over on past Hurricane assistants… including Pannunzio.

The father of one current Miami player told The Miami Herald this week that his son told investigators that he met cash-tossing booster Nevin Shapiro via Pannunzio:

“How did my son meet this creep?  He would never have met Shapiro without Pannunzio.  To have one of the coaches deliver him up to this guy, it’s incredible.”

Nick Saban said in August that Pannunzio and fellow ex-Hurricane assistant Jeff Stoutland — now Bama’s O-line coach — both passed background checks before being hired last offseason.

Anybody wanna bet that Pannunzio and Stoutland won’t be working in Tuscaloosa after this season?  (From the looks of him, Pannunzio might be able to land a gig taping guns behind old-fashioned toilet boxes for the Corleones.)



Pannunzio's recruiting tactic.... He makes them an offer they cant refuse.


Reading the post on the former Miami coaches involved in the Miami Hurricane scandal and given the fact that they are now working at UAT and there is a lot of posting by Outkick the Coverage and Sports by Brooks regarding Bama players and the clothing store in T-Town is there any thing going on in regards to investigations or news at UAT and these same coaches?


Pannunzio and Stoutland both need to be gone. Whether they technically did anything wrong doesn't even really matter. The last thing we need is the NCAA sniffing around because they know two of the assistants had ties to the Miami scandal. It sends a much better message to let them go.

Actually, even if they didn't do anything wrong then most likely they knew something about it. They may not have been able to report it to higher authorities because the higher authorities were apparently in on it, but if they knew this stuff was going down then they should have been looking for another job rather than sticking around and tolerating it.

And what is more, you don't think there are a few greasy Bama boosters out there right now who might contact one of these guys and try to make something happen? Absolutely and that's because they know these guys did it once before so they are probably willing to do it again if they don't think they can get caught.

I'd be fine with firing them today.

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