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AU’s Jacobs Discusses NCAA Investigation Into “Institutional Control”

The NCAA is continuing to look into Auburn’s athletic department.  The goal is to determine if the school has “institutional control.”  And Auburn AD Jay Jacobs says that’s perfectly normal.

Speaking yesterday in Hoover, Alabama, Jacobs said that his school has not received a notice of inquiry from sports’ governing body, the first step in an official investigation.  He told The Birmingham News that the Cam Newton situation opened the door for the NCAA to start snooping around, but that he’s heard nothing new with regards to Newton in “the last month of so.”

(Everyone jumps to conclusion that that means he DID hear something new on Newton three or four months ago.)

Jacobs believes the NCAA is just doing standard due-diligence work at this point:

“The Cam one is the one that started this entire thing.  But the way the process works is once they begin to look at one thing, they look at everything around your program, whether it’s a coach in another sport having too many text messages and you filed a secondary report.  The look at all of that.

They’re making sure we have institutional control, and there’s been nothing to indicate to me or to them otherwise.  So when  you say how many facets, it’s basically everything that may come up in a normal operation of a year — this year, last year or two years from now.  They take a look just to make sure they’re not missing anything…

The thing I’ve learned about the NCAA is, I have a lot more respect for them today than I did a year ago.  They’re very thorough.  They’re professional people.  With all these things going on at other institutions, they just want to make sure they get it right.  That’s what we want to do.  There’s no question that doesn’t justify being asked.”

Those three short statements help explain why we at always say that any visit from the NCAA is a bad visit.  Once investigators arrive on campus, they can look under any and every rock they wish.

In Jacobs’ case, he’d better hope the right stones aren’t overturned.  And that goes for any AD who has NCAA sleuths snooping around his campus.



Does the NCAA go from checking on one possible violation to checking on institutional control? It would seem that any question of institutional control would be preceded by finding at least some evidence of other violations.


Jacobs must not have an HBO subscription

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