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Writer: A&M Mascot Nervous About UT Fans

In his weekly “Back Nine” column, it appears Pat Dooley of The Gainesville Sun went somewhere you don’t often see writers go in the daily newspaper biz.  Now maybe we’ve misinterpreted this one or perhaps we’re missing something that should be obvious to us, but read this paragraph and see what sticks out to you:

“There’s no truth to the rumor A&M decided not to join the SEC when the Aggies found out Jordan Reed might return punts for the Gators this year.  That’s scarey.  Other reasons Texas A&M as worried about the SEC — the mascot Reveille was getting nervous around Tennessee fans; they missed the chances to tackle to Tim Tebow; they didn’t want to play against their future bosses (Vanderbilt); any conference that celebrates with cow bells, toilet paper and a crowing rooster may not be for them.  Go ahead and send me your best ones.”

Did you see that?  After the Jordan Reed comment.  And just before the Tim Tebow bit.

Did Dooley just make a beastiality joke about A&M’s collie mascot being nervous around Tennessee fans?  Or are we missing something?  Maybe our minds are just in the gutter, but that sure seems to be a beastiality joke aimed at Vol fans… in a daily newspaper.

As folks who often find ourselves on the receiving end of hate-mails from Tennessee fans, we’ve got a pretty good idea as to what might be landing in Dooley’s email box today.

(SIDENOTE — Why is Dooley writing about A&M not entering the SEC?)



This regarding TAMU - where the men are men and the sheep are scared? There are a ton a animal jokes regarding Aggies.
They are as common as marrying your sister jokes regarding Kentucky down here.

Vol fan
Vol fan

Or Mrs. Pat Dooley (assuming there is such a person, perhaps not)


The only dog that should be worried about UT fans is Pat Dooley. In a little over a year he'll have to walk through 100,000 of them to get to the Neyland Stadium press box. Have fun, Pat ;)


Dooley can have soom good articles, but sometimes comes off as more of a fan than a writer.

I for one am a vol fan and love dont agree with you (esp on the twitter) thing, but think you guys do a great job.



Twitter is the Devil's work and it will eventually lead to the downfall of society.

Thanks for reading,


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