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NCAA: UGA’s Jones Didn’t Break Any Rules

The NCAA is a tough group to read.  In our million-miles-an-hour society, we deal in generalities, headlines and Twitter posts.  Info is passed along quick and easy.  So to us — and I’m including me in that us — the case of Georgia’s Jarvis Jones looks like it’s being handled differently than the case of LSU’s Russell Shepard or even the case of Georgia’s AJ Green last year.

Jones was allegedly given airplane tickets (and possibly a computer and cash) by an AAU coach while he was in high school and then at Southern Cal during his freshman year.  How could he not be suspended for at least a game or two?

But we don’t have all the details of Jones’ case.  At least not all the details that UGA turned over to NCAA investigators.  And when it comes to comparing cases, we don’t have all the details on other cases, either.  We have headlines.  We have newspaper summaries.  But we don’t have all the facts that were available to the NCAA.

So when the NCAA tells Georgia — as it did yesterday — that after reviewing UGA’s internal report it decided that Jones hadn’t violated any NCAA rules, we need to accept that on face value.  Why would the NCAA be playing favorites with Georgia now… after not playing favorites and giving Green a four-game suspension for selling a jersey last season?

So while fans and media types like us try to compare the apples of one case to the oranges of another, the reality is that each case is different.

Which might explain why Dawg hoopster Kentavious Caldwell-Pope — who’s been tied to the same AAU scandal — still hasn’t had his eligibility ruled upon yet.


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