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NCAA On The Verge Of Going To Far With APR Scores

Mark Emmert and the NCAA presidents who gathered for a retreat this week are clearly of a mind to make some changes.  They want to cut down on cheating and step up on academics and there’s nothing wrong with either goal.  But one nugget has caught our eyes here at

The current Academic Progress Rate has a cutoff line at 925.  Emmert is in favor of jumping that number to at least 930.  But here’s the problem:

“Failure to meet the cut line, Emmert said, should result in postseason bans in all sports.”

Say what?

If the NCAA gets that tough with its APR standards, it had better give schools a lot more leeway and loopholes when it comes to coaching changes.  Coaching changes bring attrition.  There’s no way around it.  Some players will leave when a new coach comes in (and some will be run off by the new guy, too).  So should an entire athletic department be banned from postseason activities because a football coach takes a job at another school and his roster disintegrates?

If the NCAA goes that far with its APR plans, it might cost its own self some money, too.  Good luck to them in finding enough teams to take part in their postseason tournaments and playoffs.



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