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Mullen Says Scandals Sell. (In A Related Note: Earth Found To Be Round)

Asked about the latest scandal to rock the University of Miami’s football program, Mississippi State’s Dan Mullen talked about his own program instead… and about the media:

“I like us being out of scandals.  To me, we’re trying the best we can to run our program the right way.  I think the biggest tragedy of it is, is the scandals are taking the lead over the great things happening in college football because they don’t sell.  I’m going to bet for every scandal you find, there’s 100 great college football stories out there of success.  Unfortunately, though, people succeeding in this world is not the success we’re looking for right now to sell.  What sells is what scandal we can find next.”

We agree completely with Mullen’s assessment.  There are hundreds of positive stories that are never told (which is one reason we’re not among the masses screaming that “The whole amateur system is broken!”).

But the pitching of scandals is a two-way street.  The media wouldn’t keep selling them if readers and viewers didn’t keep buying them.  The truth of the matter is, for some reason, we like to read about the downfall of others.  It’s a basic human character flaw.

As for Mullen, how happy do you think he is that his flirtations with Miami last offseason never led to a job offer? 


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