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Meyer The Hottest Name For 2012, But We Don’t Think He’ll Be Back So Soon

When a college football job comes open, Urban Meyer’s name is connected to it.  When an article is written about the top candidates for jobs in 2012, Meyer’s name is on that list.

Read the internet and or turn on television or radio sports coverage and you’ll hear that it’s just a matter of time before the ex-Florida coach is back on the sidelines.

And we at continue to say Meyer’s return will come later rather than sooner. has posted a series of videos that shine light onto Meyer’s personal life.  In this clip from “Inside the Private World of Urban Meyer,” you’ll see how Meyer’s decision to walk away from football — twice in a year — impacted his wife and children.  Hint: They weren’t sad about it.

The lure of coaching is great, to be sure.  And Meyer may recharge his batteries and grab the reins at Ohio State in just a few short months.  But we think it’s more likely he’ll follow in the footsteps of fellow well-known workaholic Jon Gruden.  Rather than jump right back into coaching, the ex-Super Bowl winner has remained a broadcaster with ESPN much longer than anyone anticipated.  Don’t be surprised if Meyer doesn’t do the same.

Watch “Behind the Resignation” and we think you’ll understand why we feel the way we do.



You see him more now because... wait for it... HE WORKS FOR LARGEST SPORTS NETWORK IN THE WORLD! Which is world wide and nation wide, Meyer might have been a topic of the day on ESPN but now he chimes in on ALL topics of the day. 20 hours a week as opposed to 100 hours a week. Getting paid for your opinion and doing what most of us would consider a paid vacation as opposed to having the weight of Gator Nation on you at all times.....

To summarize, is 100% right... I don't see Meyer back in coaching till Nate (his son) is playing Varsity football... (he's 12 right now)

Cody B
Cody B

"Don’t be surprised if Meyer doesn’t do the same." Based on your article, shouldn't that read 'Don't be surprised if Meyer DOES the same"?


full disclosure: im a vol fan.
All this seems fake to me. I think he trying to erase the memory of his last 18 months of "coaching"
I see the SOB more now than I ever did before. I almost thought he was a politician

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