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Meyer Says Ex-UM Coaches Who Knew Of Cheating

Former Florida head coach Urban Meyer — who wound up signing two players who have since been implicated in Miami’s current cheating scandal — is predicting doom for the Hurricanes and calling for the heads of those coaches accused of being involved:

“If it is true, and if there were coaches involved, it will be devastating to Miami.  Of all the things said, that a coach was aware is the most disturbing to me.  If that is true, that person can not coach.  If they knowingly and willingly were involved in these allegations they can not coach again.”

Strong words.  But the ex-Gator coach did tap the brakes just a tad.  “The first thing I would do is take a look at who is making the allegations.  You’re looking at a convicted felon.  Before everybody jumps to conclusions, everybody deserves a chance to see how true this is, and if it is true it is a major, major issue.”

Major enough for assistant coaches Aubrey Hill (Florida), Jeff Stoutland (Alabama) and Joe Pannunzio (Alabama) to all lose their current jobs… according to Meyer.



I'm not so sure working with the NCAA after the fact, when the accuser has turned over a mountain of evidnence will do them too much good. LSU investigated their own violation, fired the coach, and made sure the player never played. It's not as if a cover-up is a viable option for Miami at this point anyway.


I agree. IF these reports turn out to be true, then those coaches should lose their jobs and be banned from coaching college. That is a big if. This information is coming from a convicted felon that has nothing to lose. However there is to much smoke for there not to be something going on down in Miami. The best thing for Miami is they are working with the NCAA, unlike USCal. The one item that is consistant with the NCAA is they will hammer schools that fight them through an investigation and go softer on schools that work with them. So there is a little hope for Miami.

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