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Jefferson’s Lawyer Will Ask Miles To Reinstate LSU’s QB; Doing So Would Give The Tigers An Even Bigger Black Eye

The lawyer for recently arrested LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson plans to ask Les Miles today to consider reinstating his senior signal-caller.  Jefferson was put on indefinite suspension by Miles last weekend, soon after being arrested — along with teammate Josh Johns — for his involvement in a bar fight a week earlier.

“It is more than unjust to destroy this young man’s career if it’s all about a bunch of nothing, which is what I think.”  That’s the take of Lewis Unglesby.  Jefferson changed counsel from Nathan Fisher to Unglesby last Friday.  Make of that what you will.

Unfortunately for Unglesby, the Baton Rouge Police Department and the district attorney see the situation as being a bit more than “a bunch of nothing.”  Jefferson is charged with second degree battery which is a felony.  Multiple witnesses have identified him as kicking one of his fellow combatants in the head during the brawl.

“I have no criticism, nor knowledge base, to say what Les Miles is doing is wrong, but I want to make sure he is fully informed that there’s a whole other side to this, and that Jordan is not only presumed innocent, but I’m saying that he is.” 

Oh, well.  If Jefferson’s defense attorney says he’s innocent then he must be innocent.

In reality, there’s no way LSU officials can allow Miles to reinstate Jefferson even if the coach so desires.  The school has already been placed on probation by the NCAA, been questioned in another case about street agent Willie Lyles, lost receiver Russell Shepard to an NCAA rule violation, and dealt with the fallout from the bar brawl all in the past two months.  That’s enough bad pub for two years, much less two months.

To reinstate Jefferson — days before a nationally televised showdown with #3 Oregon — would send a very bad message: “At LSU, we don’t care what goes on off the field so long as you can wing that football on it.”

Is that being unfair to Jefferson?  Not if you consider the fact that the team’s senior quarterback and team leader broke curfew, went to a bar at two in the morning, and somehow managed to get involved in a fight just two weeks before his team’s season opener.  That should be reason enough for him to miss this weekend’s game. 

Even if he’s innocent of the alleged head-kickin’.

“Jordan doesn’t deserve any special treatment from the legal system because he’s LSU’s quarterback,” his lawyer said.  “But he also doesn’t deserve any bad treatment because he’s LSU’s quarterback, and I think that’s what’s happened.”

Maybe.  But Jefferson also doesn’t deserve special treatment from the school he represents.  There aren’t many schools that would start a quarterback who’s facing a felony charge of second degree battery.  LSU can’t afford to be one of the exceptions. 

Or else the school will emerge with a bigger black eye than any of the folks doing the fighting outside of Shady’s Bar two weeks ago.

SIDENOTE — Reports say that Andrew Lowery — the Marine victim to believed to have been kicked in the head — “suffered a facial fracture, a concussion, fractured teeth and facial and body bruises” in the bar fight.  Another victim reporedly “sustained three fractured vertebrae in his lower back, a concussion, fractured teeth and severe cuts and bruises on the face.”



Judging from Jordan Jefferson interviews I've seen... I would color him the brightest crayon in the box. That being said, I don't think he took the shoes he wore to kick (allegedly) someone in the head repeatedly to the dry cleaners right after. Pretty sure Baton Rouge PD has a slam dunk case. They are going to match DNA (the marines blood) from his shoe to the victim and bring in three credible eyewitnesses. No lawyer could get him out of this. But hey, look on the bright side Jordan, you still get to wear a uniform!

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