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Auburn Using “Us Against The World” Mentality

Ranked lower than any defending national champion in the last 20 years, Auburn’s football players — no doubt fueled by receivers coach Trooper Taylor — are taking an “us against the world” view of the 2011 campaign.

Now, to be honest, we’d have a much harder time finding one school in the country that doesn’t self-motivate by placing a chip — real or imagined — on its collective shoulder.  But in this case, AU’s at least got some numbers to back up their ‘tude.

Defensive end Corey Lemonier might as well have been speaking for the whole Tiger team when he said:

“Everybody’s dogging us.  Everybody’s like putting us down.  I don’t feel any pressure.  We’ve just got to go out there and just show them that we mean business.”

Technically, most teams that lose as much as the Tigers lost this past offseason aren’t likely to be ranked in the national polls at all.  So the “everybody’s dogging us” thing isn’t exactly true.

But as has been the case with sports teams for decades, it doesn’t matter what is and isn’t true.  All that matters is what the players believe.  And on The Plains, the Tigers believe they’re being disrespected.



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