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Vandy Ticket Sales Down Despite Franklin’s Sales Job

James Franklin has done just about everything Vanderbilt’s administration could have hoped for when it hired him.

He’s recruited well.  He’s talked to every civic group and booster club that would have him.  He’s gained national attention for Commodore football.  And he’s brought passion to the VU program.

Unfortunately, none of that is translating into ticket sales.

As The Tennessean reports today, season ticket sales are actually down in Nashville this year.  VU has sold about 11,000 season tickets.  Last year at this time, Commodore fans had bought about 12,500 such tickets.

As Jeff Lockridge points out, the school is trying to find ways to improve the gameday experience around Vanderbilt Stadium.  No question, that’s a necessity.

But it’s downright disappointing that Vandy fans aren’t showing more support for a coach who has gotten off to such a smashing start on the West End.  If ‘Dore fans ever really want to see their program move forward, they’ll need to step up right along with their coaches and players.



There are only ~114,000 living Vanderbilt alumni, and only ~20,000 live in Nashville. Our alumni fanbase is small, and does not generally live close to campus. In a year where UT, Florida, and Alabama are not playing in Nashville -- 11,000 tickets is pretty good sales. That's more than half of our alumni living in the city. It's not our alums who aren't fired up, it's more likely sidewalk and other SEC fans living in Nashville who are seeing the third head coach in three years, and are being cautious. With Franklin's recruiting record so far, it won't be long until the sales pick up. Which is great for me -- I already have wonderful season tickets now -- and will get to keep them!


Agree Vandy fans are showing their support. What Vandy needs is the non Vandy folks to come out on a Saturday and see how they enjoy the game experience. IF they can get new Nashville people to the games and see how much fun it is, they will want to continue to come to Vandy games. Also, please realize that probably the majority of Vandy fans don't live in Nashville. We are all over the country. I am an example of that, but I just bought tickets for my family to fly to Nashville for two games. That is a sign of Vandy fan support.

One more thing, all this week Vandy has announced changes to the game experience and they have released more photos of all the locker room changes, etc. Check out the official Vandy sports site and all the videos and photos and contests. A LOT is changing at Vandy and Vandy fans are involved. Go Dores!


Vandy fans are showing plenty of support. What you don't have is all the UT fans who bought season tickets last year so they could see the Vols play in person renewing their season tickets this year because the UT game is in Knoxville this year. This is hardly a new thing. Every year the Tennessee game is in Nashville season ticket sales increase. The next year they drop.

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