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Slive Worked With Emmert On Proposal

Yesterday we wrote the following regarding Mike Slive’s opening speech regarding an NCAA agenda change:

“As expected, Slive has clearly been in contact with (NCAA president Mark) Emmert on this front.  As was the case a couple of months ago when the SEC sent the NCAA a proposal to change some recruiting rules, the SEC is once again the group that’s sending up a test balloon for all of the other leagues to discuss.  This shows a continued connection between Slive and Emmert, the SEC and the NCAA.”

Turns out, that was exactly the case.  Matt Hayes of The Sporting News wrote this as a wrap of the speech:

“Understand this about the NCAA and its utterly useless ability to create and make change in college sports: It’s not the NCAA’s fault.

The NCAA is powerless when it comes to making change, powerless to lead and cultivate an argument from a proposition to law — unless member institutions are in aggreement.  The job of president (see: Emmert) is voted upon by member institutions, and the president of the NCA, in many ways, is simply beholden to university presidents.

That’s what makes Slive’s proclamation so stunning.  No one listens to the NCAA president.

Everyone listens to the commissioner of the most powerful conference in college sports.

‘Mark Emmert will not be surprised by what I’ve said,’ Slive said.

That’s because Emmert and Slive and associate SEC commissioner Greg Sankey worked on this proposal for weeks, fine-tuning talking points that will eventually become the syllabus for the ‘retreat’ Emmert announced last month — whether university presidents and conference commissioners will gather to discuss serious change.”

What this shows is that Slive has Emmert’s ear.  Not a surprise since Emmert was once the chancellor at LSU.  But the positive here is that it’s good for the commissioner of your favorite league to be the go-to guy for head of the NCAA.

The more Slive and Emmert work together, the quicker the SEC will shake off its outlaw reputation.  (Well, that and schools have to actually stop cheating.)


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