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Sheridan’s “Bombshell” Newton Claims Likely Just Another Dud

Is anyone out there surprised in the least that the “shocker” of this year’s SEC Media Days — unless something big blows up in the next 24 hours — will apparently be tied to the always nutty Iron Bowl?

Or that the names Cam Newton and Paul Finebaum are somehow involved? 

Didn’t think so.

Yesterday afternoon, long-time oddsmaker Danny Sheridan went on Finebaum’s popular radio show and announced to the world that a source he trusts told him that the NCAA is aware of a “bag man” who helped deliver the controversial Newton to Auburn.  Sheridan’s source — he claims — is a 25-year vet of the NCAA.

Boom! went the messageboards. 

Bama fans bought Sheridan’s story hook, line and sinker.  Of course they did.  They want Auburn to be found guilty of cheating.

Auburn fans, meanwhile, believed nary a word of Sheridan’s claims.  He’s an Alabama grad.  No need to listen to the man, his blood runs crimson.

And away we went.  Instead of Mike Slive’s agenda for big NCAA changes being the top story of Thursday’s meetings, it was instead Sheridan… and Cam… and Finebaum.

We at pretty much ignored the story because we’ve been down this road before with a fellow named Scott Moore.  In February, Moore — a Bama fan — claimed to have access to audio tapes recorded by a pair of Mississippi State boosters that proved Newton knew of his father’s requests for cash.  At the time, we said “put up or shut up.”  Moore eventually shut up and the tapes were never heard.  (Just as transcripts of FBI wiretaps proving an Auburn-Newton plot have never turned up.)

This time around, Matt Hayes of The Sporting News tried to get Sheridan to put up.  Hayes spoke with the oddsmaker himself:

“‘In the last 20-30 years, I think I’ve been right on 45 of 46 NCAA-related stories,’ says the guy who gives betting odds for USA Today.  ‘About $20-30,000 went to a church for repairs, and another $150,000-175,000 went to the Newtons.’

So let me get this straight.  A person (or persons) Sheridan knows, knows a person (or persons) in the NCAA who told him what we knew all along: Something ain’t right in the land of Newton.

This, of course, led to the obvious question: What are the odds of this Sheridan information panning out?

‘I’d say 50-50,’ Sheridan said matter of factly.”

Despite the paper thin nature of Sheridan’s claims, Gene Chizik was asked about those allegations during his main presser with the SEC’s writers today (funny how this came out just in time for Chizik to face questions about it, huh).

“I’ll make this real clear — the NCAA on more than one occasion has said that Auburn has done nothing wrong in the recruitment of Cam Newton,” Chizik said.  “Can’t control everybody’s microphone, can’t control everybody’s opinion, don’t try to.”  Love the last part of that answer, even if the first part ignores the rather obvious fact that the NCAA hasn’t actually stopped investigating Auburn yet.

From our point of view, the next time someone breaks news regarding Cam Newton and Auburn it would be nice if they actually had some facts to go along with their story.  The whole affair was distasteful enough the first time around.  Too bad talking heads keep bringing it back up… without a shred of new evidence.



This is just more bama trash spreading lies, it's what they do, it's who they are. The rest of the world is finally getting to see it now.


How is Chizik's answer any different from Cecil Newtons?

Q:Did you do anything wrong?
A:The NCAA has not said we did.

His statement isn't even true.


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