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Shaw Wants SEC Officials To Be The Best

With Rogers Redding getting a promotion to the NCAA level, Steve Shaw will be stepping into the office of the SEC’s coordinator of officials.  The league’s new top cop is already setting some lofty goals:

“I think my desire is really to take my on-field experiences and the talent within our officiating staff and really make these guys the best they can be.  I’m not interested in us just being good; I was us to be absolutely the best we can be on every play, and that’s our goal.”

And that’s a darn good goal.  But even if he and the league’s officials hit that mark, it won’t matter to the public.

First, officials are human and they’re going to make mistakes just like coaches and players.  In fact, even replay officials might view a shot differently than the way you or I might view the very same video clip.  Mistakes — and if you don’t think they’re made in every sport look up the end of the Pirates/Braves game from Tuesday — give angry fans “proof” that a league’s officials are horrible.  Just check an ACC or Pac-12 messageboard one Sunday and you’ll find that their fans believe they have the worst refs in the world.  It’s a fact of life.

Second, every call made this year in an SEC game will be loved by one team’s fans and hated by the other’s.  Ever sit in the stands and count how many times you hear the home fans scream about the other team’s infractions?  Ever hear those same fans scream that their team should be flagged?  Ever?  Once?

Welcome to the Kobayashi Maru, Mr. Shaw… you’ve stepped into the ultimate no-win scenario.

UPDATE — We’ve been asked to post a bio of Shaw.  We ran more info on the man when he was hired half a year ago, but here’s the requested bio.


Tracer Round
Tracer Round

A bio on Mr. Shaw would be nice, i.e. From whence does he hail? Does he have any ties/affiliations to any SEC schools? Inquiring minds want to know.

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