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SEC Headlines – 7/19/11 Part Three

1.  John Calipari and Billy Donovan talked to’s Andy Katz about ways to better compensate college athletes.

2.  Mark Bradley of The AJC likes Georgia and LSU to meet in Atlanta.

3.  Georgia is still looking into the AAU scandal that could leave a Bulldog football player and a Bulldog basketball player facing eligibility issues.

4.  Take a virtual tour of the future Wildcat Coal Lodge (which is the home of UK’s basketball team).

5.  Incoming South Carolina freshman linebacker Edward Muldrow was arrested last week and is currently suspended from the team.  (Bottom of the page.)

6.  Juco transfer Maurice Couch will be incredibly important figure at defensive tackle for Tennessee.

7.’s Pat Forde doesn’t buy the myth of the poor, exploited college athlete.  (And neither do we, for that matter.)



I agree with Pat Forde on the poor student athlete. All one has to do is take a look at the link for the NEW MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR Wildcat COAL Lounge. You think the physics scholarship STUDENT will ever see the inside of that place?


John, how is the argument for paying athletes even still around? Don't all talking heads know you would have to pay the woman gymnast the same as the Tebow-like football player? It's absurd. If you pay a football player $3000/year, multiply that by every athlete on campus (even partial baseball guys). It doesn't make any sense to keep this going unless the only reason to do is to placate the "poor, underprivileged" stud athlete. It's totally unaffordable.

If anything needs to be done, the NCAA should give every school in I-A football the same share of money they receive from that particular sport. I don't know if that is how it's done currently, but it should be. Will that hurt the SEC, maybe a little. But as always, we'll get over that hump with donations from rabid fans.

Enough is enough. Scream at these people, please.



I'd love to, but you'll always have people who'll say: "The schools make millions, the players make nothing... pay the players... and someone else can work out the details."

The only way it could happen is if NCAA created yet another division for schools who pay the full cost of attendance for ALL of their athletes. Basically, the BCS leagues would become their own division within the FBS.

The talk on all this is just getting started. Get used to hearing it every summer.

Thanks for reading,

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