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Opinion: Florida’s Got The Best Football Coaching Job In The SEC

What’s the best football coaching job in the SEC?  I’m guessing 95% of you just muttered “Florida” to yourselves.

Well the folks at agree.  In a ranking of the league’s coaching jobs from best to worst, the unnamed writer of the piece lays out this case for the Gator top job:

“Location.  Location.  Location.  Florida is a public university in a state that produces a tremendous amount of top-flight talent.  Ben Hill Griffin Stadium offers one of the best atmospheres in college football, and the fan base is as rabid as there is in the nation.”

Who’s to argue?  Bug-eyed Will Muschamp (click the headline for a closer look at Florida 2011 football promotional poster) has landed in the most enviable position in the SEC.  With the exception of high expectations, the UF job is rife with positives.

We’ve seen these lists on many occasions and they almost always rank the league’s head coaching gigs in the same order.  Here’s the full list — as well as the full article – from Athlon:

1.  Florida
2.  Alabama
3.  Georgia
4.  LSU
5.  Tennessee
6.  Auburn
7.  South Carolina
8.  Arkansas
9.  Ole Miss
10.  Kentucky
11.  Mississippi State
12.  Vanderbilt



I would LSU #2... for the reasons already mentioned, no in state challengers AT ALL, Georgia has Georgia Tech and teams like Florida, South Carolina and Tennessee raided it's pantry. Alabama has to deal with Auburn and alumni that are entirely too shady. LSU gets 99% of the kids they want from there home state, which produces top flight talent. Florida, LSU, Bama, Tennessee, Georgia... same 6-12


B Roberts beat me to it, my thoughts exactly.
UGA also has a better history of disappointing.

Might also swap Ole MIss with Arkansas.

B. Roberts
B. Roberts

I'd put LSU over UGA in the 3 spot. No instate comp and proximity to Texas edges out the 'dawgs.


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