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NCAA Looking To Close The Newton Loophole

Tired of talking about Alabama’s current football scandal?  Then let’s dig back into Auburn’s old football scandal.

An NCAA panel has come up with a new plan to close the Cam Newton loophole that allowed the player to keep playing last year… even though his father had asked Mississippi State boosters for $180,000 in cash.  The idea is to broaden the NCAA’s definition of an agent.

If the proposal is passed, any people who represent or attempt to represent athletes or prospects for financial gain would be considered agents.  Also included?  Anyone who seeks money or other benefits for steering a prospect to a school.

Under this rule, Cecil Newton would have been viewed as an agent and his son would not have been eligible to play last year.

However, an NCAA spokesperson says the issue is bigger than the Newton case.

“Cam Newton is one of the reasons for it but it’s broader than that because there are other situations in which third parties are interceding with regard to prospects or student-athletes.”

Before our email boxes blow up, yes, this creates the possibility of a new type of problem.  It’s possible that someone not close to the player — a third cousin, an estranged father — could ask for money and get a player into trouble.  But that’s not likely to happen very often.  And to rule on such a case, the NCAA would need only prove that the player did or did not have a relationship with the person trying to act as an “agent.”



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