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Muschamp Wants More Cash For Players; OVC Coaches Say They Can’t Do It

You’d be hard pressed to find a coach in a major BCS league who isn’t for finding a way to get his players more money.  One, the coaches want to truly help their players.  Two, it’s a helluva recruiting advantage if you can pay more money than another guy.

Florida’s Will Muschamp — appearing on ESPNU yesterday — made it clear he’s all for finding cash for players:

“Some of these young men, I don’t think people realize where they come from.  They can’t go home on the weekend.  They don’t have expenses for bedsheets and toiletries and things when they come to college.  And I think that’s real.  That’s real in my world.  And I don’t think a lot of people understand that. …

I’m talking homeless.  I’ve been in situations where young men have been taken in by (other) families.  They don’t have anything of their own.  They don’t have a house, they don’t have an apartment, they don’t have a phone.  And you can never get ahold of them.  It’s serious.  I’ve recruited several and a lot of coaches will tell you the same thing.”

Makes sense.  Sounds good.  As long as you’re a big school with big money. 

But three current OVC football coaches — who have all been coaches at BCS programs — say there’s no way that smaller schools can provide more money for players.

So where’s all this heading?  NCAA president Mark Emmert worked with Mike Slive on his proposal.  That means he’s likely A-OK with the idea of the big boys paying players more via cost-of-attendance scholarships.  If that’s the case and the BCS schools make that change, expect the FBS division of college football to be reshaped once more with the top 65-70 schools operating in their own high-dollar division and the non-paying members of the FBS floating in limbo between the complete haves (SEC, Big 10, etc) and the complete have-nots (FCS-level schools).



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