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Meyer Wants Subpoena Power For The NCAA

In an interview with’s Dennis Dodd about the state of college football, former Florida coach Urban Meyer said he would like to see the NCAA be given subpoena power:

“Absolutely.  The problem right now the investigation process takes five years, four years.  USC can’t go to a bowl game.  (Current players) were 14-years-old, 15-years-old when this was going on.

The two areas that are missing in my mind are fear and lack of knowledge.  Fear on the side of the coaches and lack of knowledge on the side of the NCAA.  Why not combine the two?  Every quarter you have a conference call (with coaches).  ‘What do you hear?  What’s going on?  We hear about these recruiting services or camps or bumps.’  They put a memo together and send it out.  ‘This is what we hear is going on.  If you get caught here is the punishment.’

You won’t catch everybody, that’s not the goal.  You want to stop the behavior.”

When asked if the NCAA needs to hand out a death penalty to get everyone’s attention, Meyer said, “I don’t know.”



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