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How ‘Bout A Swig Of LSU Beer?

LSU isn’t exactly rolling in cash these days.  The school’s recent budget woes have led to the dropping of classes and the dismissal of faculty.  So it’s no wonder the school is looking for new revenue streams.

But we didn’t think one of those streams would be alcohol.

LSU is planning to partner with Tin Roof Brewing Company and Mockler Beverage to produce and market its own brand of beer.  The beverage could be distributed later this year.

LSU business students are working on the branding, imaging and marketing of the new brew.

And you thought Tiger fans were already rowdy on Saturday nights in Death Valley.  Wait’ll they crack open their own LSU suds.



Unless the cans are actually full of bourbon, or the beer is 20% alcohol, it would be little more than a novelty for LSU fans


This will only sale to LSU fans, but that may be enough to make huge profits (Alcoholics!). An Alabama fan would not drink such a shameful beer, neither would any other SEC school for that matter.

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