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A&M Regents To Discuss Longhorn Network

If the Big 12 is the camel’s back, then Texas’ new Longhorn Network is looking more and more like it could be the straw that breaks it.

As we noted last week, reports out of College Station have officials at Texas A&M worried and concerned about their rivals’ $300 million soon-to-be-launched television network.  They’re worried that it could provide a recruiting advantage for UT.  They’re concerned that their fans might some day have to actually subscribe to the thing just to catch the Horns and Aggies play ball (though there’s a slim chance of that ever happening).

Texas A&M’s board of regents has actually added the Longhorn Network to the agenda of its regularly scheduled board meeting at the end of the week.  That news — naturally — led many to believe that A&M had called a meeting to talk about a planned move to the SEC.  Not so. 

Repeat after us:

1.  Texas A&M will someday join the SEC.

2.  That day is not in the immediate future.

The Houston Chronicle reports that an “insider” says A&M is still committed to making a 10-team Big 12 work and that “the threat of a potential move to the Southeastern Conference is not in the immediate future.” 

In other words, just calm down on the expansion talk.  As we’ve been saying for two years now, the A&M-SEC flirtations have gone on since the 1980s and the days of ADs John David Crow and Joe Dean.  When push came to shove last year, Mike Slive’s private plane touched down in College Station.  And the majority of Aggie fans are now gung-ho for a move east.  See point 1 — this will happen.  Someday.

But someday could be a year, two years, five years or 10 years down the road.  (Based on the economics of college athletics and the ridiculous level of distrust that already exists among Big 12 schools, we’d put our marker somewhere between the two and five year points.)  This is not something that can or will happen on a whim.  And even if A&M were ready to jump ASAP, Slive made it clear last summer that the SEC wasn’t interested in raiding a stable league.  If the Big 12 broke apart, then A&M and Oklahoma had invitations to land in the Southeastern Conference.  For now, however, the Big 12 is still somewhat stable.  If you consider this stable:



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