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Mullen Wants His Players To Have A Little Change In Their Pockets (Going Jingle Lingle Ling)

Coaches across the country are more than happy to tell reporters that they’d like to find a way to get their players paid for their football exploits.  That’s partly because they mean it.  And it’s partly because they know those reporters will print their words and that can be used as a positive on the recruiting trail.

“Look here, Little Jimmy.  I’m pushing to get guys like you some money.  My league is looking into paying you guys.  Why, if you sign with us, you might even be getting paid by the time you’re a junior or senior.”

Don’t put it past ‘em, folks.

At any rate, Mississippi State’s Dan Mullen is the latest to chime in on the pay-for-play idea:

“… I think they should get some spending money in their pocket.  And I know there’s all other kinds of complications that come along with it.  But our guys are so committed and put in so much time year round in the game of football.  It’d be great to give them some spending money.  They don’t need major money; they just need enought to go out with the other college kids and get themselves a pizza on a Friday night.”

Mullen admits that the issue is bigger “than just football players getting paid” and for that reason, he believes if it happens, “it’ll be a long time from now.”


And for those who don’t get the “jingle lingle ling” line:

The lyrics say “jingle lingle ling,” but I’d have spelled it “jangle langle lang.”  Just me.



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