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LSU’s Alleva Says Paying Players Won’t Clean Up Cheating

There are some out there who believe increasing the value of scholarships — or flat-out paying players — will help to curb cheating in college athletics.  Those people need a better grip on reality.

As long as there has been competition, there have been competitors who’ve looked to get an advantage… legal or otherwise.  If schools are allowed to pay players X, there will still be some boosters who are willing to sweeten the deal by paying Y.  If the NCAA allows cake, someone will try to supply the icing.

LSU athletic director Joe Alleva understands the situation:

“I don’t think (paying players) is going to solve the problems of college football or basketball.  You’re still going to have street agents, you’re going to have agents.  You’re still going to have cheaters cheating.  I don’t think giving a kid a few hundred bucks a month is going to make any difference.  The really poor kids can get access to money.  They’ve got $6,200 worth of Pell Grants (per year) they can get.  They can still get jobs.”

Alleva is our “Sense-Maker of the Day.”


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