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Just Say “Sorry” Already, Kentucky

We gave our take on the Kentucky/NCAA/John-Calipari-500th-victory flap yesterday, so we’ll keep this post short and sweet.

While UK backers argue that the NCAA is being petty in asking for an apology from Kentucky, Mark Story of The Lexington Herald-Leader acts as the voice of reason today:

“The amazing thing about UK getting itself into a spot where it has been ordered to publicly recant its recognition of Calipari’s ’500th win’ or face an appearance before the Committee on Infractions is that the underlying issue — wins vacated at UMass and Memphis — is not about Kentucky.

It’s hardly a secret that Calipari’s record includes vacated victories.  Which makes it doubly hard to understand how UK got into this position in the first place and why it won’t just say, ‘we were wrong, we’re sorry,’ and move on.”

Exactly.  You can’t say the other guy in an argument is being petty and then out-petty them.  That makes no sense.

Why UK felt the need to rush the 500th victory celebration in the first place is anyone’s guess.  By honoring Coach Cal’s not-so-accurate win total and by not apologizing immediately, UK has put itself on the radar of the NCAA’s committee on infractions — which isn’t a place anyone wants to be — and it’s drawing some bad pub for itself in the process.

As noticed, national baseball analyst Peter Gammons has even weighed in on the situation via Twitter and he took a shot at the Wildcats’ coach in the process:

“Kentucky is not MIT.  Honor Calipari for 500 wins when he doesn’t have them?  You are what you hire”

Ouch.  If the NCAA is being silly, there’s no need for UK to be sillier.  Mitch Barnhart and the Kentucky administration should just apologize and put this story to bed.


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