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Hamilton To Resign At Tennessee

WBIR-TV in Knoxville is reporting that Tennessee athletic director Mike Hamilton will resign at 11am ET this morning.  Hamilton has been UT’s AD since 2003 and has been in hot water since his hiring of Lane Kiffin went South in January of 2010.

While Hamilton has been a whipping boy in the state of Tennessee and around the nation, his undoing was certainly aided by other men:

* Had Phillip Fulmer not had two losing seasons in four years and Neyland Stadium not seen massive attendance drops, Hamilton would not have had to replace him.

* Had Lane Kiffin not left for his “dream job” at Southern Cal just one year into his Tennessee tenure, Vol fans would be rallying around their coach as he prepared for a date with the NCAA this weekend.

* Had Bruce Pearl not lied to NCAA investigators about a barbecue at his house, Hamilton’s most popular hire would still be on the Vols’ bench.

That, of course, only shapes the situation.  It was Hamilton who chose to hire Kiffin and Pearl — as well as recently-fired baseball coach Todd Raleigh.  The buck stops at the top.

But now Hamilton is leaving the post and he’s doing so just days before Tennessee meets with the NCAA committee on infractions this Friday.  The UT administration dumped Pearl — in part — so the school could tell the NCAA that it had rid itself of the main rulebreaker.  It’s possible then that UT’s administration decided axing Hamilton would send a similar message.

Now Tennessee can tell the NCAA that the coaches who did wrong and the man who oversaw them are all gone.  “So don’t blame us, ‘kay?”

It will be certainly be interesting to see how the NCAA handles its punishment of UT now that Kiffin, Pearl and Hamilton are all gone.



I wouldn't call Tennessee's attendance decline "massive" but it was a drop nevertheless. They were fifth in college football attendance in 2009 averaging 99,220 and sixth in 2010 averaging 99,781. Most schools would take those attendance figures.

I agree though that Hamilton's resignation is in direct relation to the Vols appearance before the Committee on Infractions. Ridding themselves of everyone that had anything to do with the violations that occurred on Kiffin's and Pearl's watches could lessen the blow some on how the committee ultimately may rule.

Mo Johnson
Mo Johnson

Yea, not all Hamilton's fault obviously -- but come on, the guy has done a terrible job. Across the board, I don't remember UT ever being in so much trouble as they are now. tough times in rocky top. Hamilton leaving is definitely the right move for about 100 reasons.


Good Riddance on Hamilton. The only problem is that it is years too late. He was a disaster for Tennessee and an embarrassment to Tennessee and all of his players, fans and alumni. Don't let the door hit you ib the butt on the way out. Unfortunately by resigning he will probably cost Tennessee a lot of maney.


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