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Dooley Says Bad News Doesn’t Go Away Anymore

Tennessee’s Derek Dooley knows there’s more media now than ever before.  Heck, everyone can be media with Twitter and Facebook and cell phone cameras.  Still, the Vol coach knows that ultimately the bad press his sport has gotten in recent months has been the result of mistakes made by those in the football world.

“To say there’s been a bad perception out there in the last year, how can you argue it’s not been?  I’m not here to assign any blame.  That’s what’s happened out there.  What it does is it reminds you of the responsibility of what you have.

It’s hard to blame the media for important things that happen.  You make your own bed.”

UT’s coach also said that he goes “to bed every night worrying about a headline on our program.”  He’s surely not the only coach that feels that way.

While fans and media fret over the downfall of collegiate athletics, we believe Dooley is onto something here regarding the proliferation of media.  Yes, there’s more money in the college game now and that encourages people to find new ways to cheat.  But that doesn’t mean there’s more cheating now than ever before.  As we mentioned in passing yesterday, we believe there’s probably the same percentage of cheaters out there as there was fifty years ago.  There’s just a helluva lot more people covering the cheating — and keeping the stories alive longer — today.



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