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Dooley Not As Opposed To Oversigning Changes As Thought

Yesterday we learned that Mississippi State might not be as opposed to new “roster management” regulations as most had thought.  This morning, the same might be said for Derek Dooley and Tennessee.

While the Vols’ coach told that the league must not overreact to the “public outcry or public frenzy” against oversigning, he also made it clear that some of the tweaks proposed by Mike Slive and the league office this week would be — in his view — good tweaks:

“Most of the complaints have been fair.  They’ve been because of some things that have happened that are not common.  We addressed one of them (Houston Nutt’s 37-man class of 2009), which is bringing that down to 28 (signees per year).  What did that do?  It eliminated the excessive oversigning.  Well, there are still a lot of loopholes out there that we didn’t address.  Those have led to even more complaints, which is fair.  It’s a fair criticism.

There’s legislation out there to close the loopholes.  For example, there is legislation to make them count when they come in for the summer.  That’s a good rule.  There’s legislation to count the midyear guys.  It’s my belief that when they come on your campus and enroll in school, they should count.  It’s pretty simple.  By doing that, it’ll close all the loopholes and it still allows for a little overage to account for the academic risk — the attrition that’s unexpected — the guy that swings on signing day.”



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