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Clowney Qualifies At Carolina, But Some Fans Upset Over Garcia’s Return

Late last evening, word leaked out across the South Carolina campus that top signee Jadeveon Clowney had qualified academically.  The all-everything defensive end will be expected to have a major impact on Ellis Johnson’s defense this fall.

So that leaves Cock fans to celebrate two pieces of great news, right?  Tuesday Clowney got cleared and just a day earlier quarterback Stephen Garcia had been reinstated to Carolina’s team.  S’all good, yes?

Not according to Travis Haney of The Charleston Post & Courier who blogs the following about Garcia’s return:

“… there has been a lot of backlash about Steve Spurrier having no backbone in allowing Garcia to return.

Fans — mostly of other teams, but some Gamecocks fans — are bitter about the decision to allow Garcia back on the team, at least enough at this juncture to work out with his teammates.  They see a 23-year-old who has been suspended five times in his career, including twice this spring.

But I’m not certain that those people are really taking into account what the suspensions are for.  As I’ve said, if those suspensions were criminal in nature, we would be having this conversation.  Garcia would be gone, playing elsewhere or in the working world.

Instead, the past two lapses have been team-oriented deals.  Hardly reason for dismissal, even if we’re long past ‘he-should-have-known-better’ territory.”

Our only comment on this development is as follows: It’s odd to see a group of fans upset over the fact that one of their own stars has been reinstated after a few drinking/behavior issues when at so many schools across the country fans are often angered by the dismissal of players who violate actual laws.


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