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Calipari Says SEC Coaches Will Do What’s Best For The League As A Whole

The SEC’s basketball coaches voted to dump divisional play yesterday.  This fall a league task force will explore moving from a 16-game conference schedule to an 18- or even 22-game schedule.  In addition, the league’s conference tourney will be seeded 1 through 12 with the four best teams receiving byes next March.

Those changes are being made in an effort to get more NCAA Tournament bids for the league’s programs each year.  Kentucky’s John Calipari — who would prefer to not give up any nonconference games — says he and the rest of the SEC’s coaches will go along with whatever is best for the whole:

“Some of our schools have trouble scheduling the types of teams needed to help your RPI.  So we have to look if we go to 18, what would that do to us and how would it help other schools?  We all agreed whatever is best for our league, we’ll go with.

I said we will do whatever we have to do to make this league better.  The strong stay strong.  We have the RPIs and we just have to get eight teams in that (NCAA tourney) discussion.  And if all eight get in, we’ll jump for joy.”

That “one for all, all for one” musketeersy attitude simply does not exist in leagues like the Big 12 where schools are nervously eyeballing one another, wondering who’ll break ranks first.  More than any other league, the SEC “gets it.”


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