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So The SEC Might Have To Play By Everyone Else’s Rules? Boo-Hoo

It’s only Tuesday and we’ve already had our fill of oversigning talk.  Imagine how much chatter we’re going to hear on that topic by Friday?

With the SEC meetings kicking off today, stories like this one and like this one attempt to frame and explain the battle lines that are being drawn with regards to “roster management.”

Commissioner Mike Slive has hinted at making gradual changes to the current system rather than wholesale changes.  Mississippi AD Pete Boone has said the league won’t be adopting a Big Ten-style rule this week in Destin.

But what if the league did go cold turkey on oversigning altogether?  What if the SEC was forced to play by — you know — the same rules that most other schools choose to play by?

If that happened — and we don’t expect that it will — we here at, would turn a deaf ear to the whining and whimpering that multi-millionaire coaches would no doubt make over the fact that they would now have to face the same roster-building limitations that other coaches in other leagues face.

Does that make us anti-SEC?  Nope.  It actually means we have more faith in the coaches, the money and facilities they have to work with, and the ridiculous depth of talent that’s produced in the nine SEC states than the coaches themselves seem to have.

The SEC has enough history, tradition, and talent to dominate the national landscape without having a built-in advantage when it comes to roster-building.  So here’s hoping the SEC’s presidents don’t put too much stock in the boogeyman stories their coaches have been telling them about life with an — egads — level playing field.

For that matter, perhaps some of the league presidents might want to ask their coaches why they demand such exorbitant salaries if, in fact, they’re simply benefiting from a big, built-in advantage they have over coaches in other leagues.



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