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SEC Headlines 5/26/2011 Afternoon Edition

1. Club seats at this year’s Florida-Georgia game will cost you a C-Note. Will a new Uga be in place by then?

2. Three former Auburn players accused of armed robbery apply for youthful offender status.

3. Mike Blakely’s high school coach confirms his transfer to Auburn.

4. Auburn Number One – in the Fulmer Cupdate.

5. Another Q and A with SEC Commissioner Mike Slive.

6. For those not in a correctional facility, Phil Steele’s preseason magazine begins shipping in a couple of weeks.

7. South Park targets the NCAA.

8. APR trends and SEC football.

9. And the Heisman Trophy chatter begins for 2011.


10. Andy Staples: “Did USC deserve the punishment it received? Maybe. We’ll know just as soon as the punishments come down in the Ohio State and North Carolina cases.”

11. USC is out of the Tate Forcier sweepstakes.

12. We hold players accountable – what about the fans?

13. College is a scam - let’s make money off it.



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