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Saban: Football Season Will Be A Relief In Alabama

In the past three weeks, the Alabama family has had to deal with devastating tornadoes that destroyed much of Tuscaloosa.  Most recently they have also had to deal with the shocking death of teammate Aaron Douglas.

Nick Saban says football season might be a welcome distraction from the tragedies, struggles and misery of the past month.

“I think they’re two different things and I think we should look at them that way,” Saban said this yesterday during a radio fundraiser.  “The season will be a lot of fun, and it will be an escape for a lot of people who have had a lot of heartbreak, through what they’ve been through with this storm, but we’ll still be supporting, rebuilding and trying to help those who need it.”

We aren’t the first — nor will we be the last — to draw a comparison between the Alabama football team in 2011 and the New Orleans Saints of two years ago.  The Saints provided a rallying point for a city that had dealt with a slow climb back from Hurricane Katrina.  Don’t be surprised to see and hear Bama’s team compared to the Saints time and again this fall.  Especially if the Tide turns out to be as good as projected.


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