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Muschamp Explains Weis Hire. Again. And Again.

It’s mid-May and Will Muschamp is still having to answer questions about why he chose Charlie Weis — long of the NFL and briefly of Notre Dame — to run his offense at Florida.

“The track record speaks for itself,” the coach said last week in Tampa.  “From a play-calling standpoint, a developer of quarterbacks; Matt Cassel, Tom Brady, four Super Bowl rings and 16 years of NFL experience speaks for itself.”

Yes, it does.  Weis might not have succeeded as a head coach in South Bend, but he has succeeded at just about every stop as an offensive coordinator.  In addition, Muschamp says he and Weis share many beliefs when it comes to offensive attacks.

“Philosophically, he and I are on the same page with what we want to do.  We want to be balanced on offense.  You have to be able to run the football to win games in our league consistently.  You can’t be a one-dimensional team in our league and survive the season.”

It’s interesting that of Muschamp’s two ex-NFL coordinator hires, Weis is getting more scrutiny than less-heralded D-coordinator Dan Quinn.  That wouldn’t have anything to do with the surly demeanor Weis often displays with reporters would it?


B Roberts
B Roberts

I think this is a veteran move by Muschamp. He has adopted the Spurrier principle (in reverse). Muschamp knows that offense is not his gig, so he has essentially sub-contracted it out to Weis. Muschamp handles the press, boosters, TV show, radio show etc. Weis game plans, calls plays, and helps to recruit offensive skill players. As a UF fan, I'm pretty happy. I was preparing for a Mike Shula or Al Borges.


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