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Everyone Keeps Ticketing Meyer To Columbus; We Don’t Buy It

As soon as Jim Tressel’s resignation was publicized, the name “Urban Meyer” popped up on everyone’s “Next Buckeye Coach” list.  But Meyer said yesterday that he won’t pursue any coaching job this fall.  (Of course, OSU said it won’t start looking for a new coach until after this fall anyway.)

On the surface, it makes sense for a BCS title-winning coach to pair up with one of college football’s greatest dynasties.  But scratch beneath the surface and you’ll see that this pairing isn’t nearly as likely as some talking heads — and Buckeye fans — would like.

First, the OSU job figures to be a mess when the next guy takes over.  Second, Meyer just walked away from a cushier gig at Florida.  Do you really think he’d want to tackler a tougher situation in Columbus?  And while some writers think Meyer will take the Buckeye gig, this writer spent time with the ex-Gator coach last week and he claims Meyer doesn’t miss everything about the coaching profession.

Our take?  If Meyer burned out at Florida — to the point of having to be rushed to the hospital after an SEC title game loss — he’s going to enjoy his time at ESPN. 

Everyone expected Jon Gruden to jump back into the coaching ranks after a year in the broadcast booth, but that young, driven coach found that he can keep one foot in the game and still have a life by limiting himself to the broadcast booth.  He found he can also make a lot of money working a lot less hours.

We expect Meyer to follow the Gruden path.  He may love coaching, but here’s betting he loves living more.  If Meyer gets back into coaching, we believe it will be as Mack Brown’s replacement at Texas or as Brian Kelly’s eventual replacement at Notre Dame. 

We don’t think he’ll be on the sideline at the Horseshoe in 2012.


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