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ESPN Taking Its Shots At “The Vest”

Across the SEC there are still some fans who believe — evidence be damned — that Ohio State and Jim Tressel are being given a pass on their recent scandal(s).

Well, just click on the headline above to get a bigger glimpse of “ESPN The Magazine’s” latest cover which features Tressel’s famed sweater vest as the icon image on its “The Busted Issue.”

The issue features “sin and shame on and off the field” and, yes, Auburn’s Cam Newton and Tennessee’s Bruce Pearl are mentioned on the cover.  But in a year of scandals, it’s “The Vest” that gets the front-and-center treatment.

This, of course, comes on the heels of ESPN creating its own “Ohio State” ticker line that details the latest rumors and allegations surrounding the troubled Big Ten program.  All this, mind you, is happening out of season, too.  Newton and Pearl found themselves in trouble during their seasons, meaning there were daily and weekly reasons to recount their woes.

For now, Ohio State continues to stand by Tressel.  Tennessee did the same for Pearl for about six months.  We at still believe that OSU will eventually be forced to part ways with Tressel or be forced to endure some brutal penalties from the NCAA.

Being a “bellcow” program hasn’t saved Southern Cal, Alabama, Kentucky, Oklahoma, or dozens of other schools over the past 20 years.  It likely won’t save Ohio State, either.

And since 78 of the past 81 coaches and administrators charged with lying to the NCAA were either fired or forced to resign their jobs, the odds of Tressel surviving are remarkably bad.

For now, it’s clear that the poster boy for bad behavior now resides in Columbus, Ohio.  Anyone who doesn’t see that the media is handling Tressel in the same way it handled Newton and Pearl… simply doesn’t want to see it.


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